We follow ISQG 1 - International Standard on Quality Control, to provide adequate security on the quality standards of our services, comply with the professional standards and legal requirements in the following areas:

.Leadership responsibilities

.Ethical requirements

.Client relationship – acceptance and continuance

.Human resource matters

.Engagement performance – quality of work done

.Monitoring – internal reassurance of the quality of procedures and work done.

.We are members of IPG-International Practice Group, a non-profit association of independent lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and other professionals who co-operate to transact international business cost-effectively and to the highest professional standards.

.We are registered in the Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission under the number 218.

.The quality of our work is subject to periodic external evaluation by the Portuguese Institute of Statutory Auditors, in accordance with the Rules of Quality Control, in conjunction with the National Council for Audit Supervision and the Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission.