The firm Oliveira Rego & Associados, SROC was founded in February of 1987. All the partners have a professional statutory auditor qualification (Portuguese designation “ROC”) and they carry out their work completely independently from the companies and other entities for whom they work. All the partners work exclusively in the statutory auditor profession.
We have been included in the List of Statutory Auditing Firms (registration number 46) since our founding and on the External Auditors Register of the Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission since 1992 (registration number 218).

Our head office is located in the centre of Lisbon (Saldanha Plaza), where some of the most important financial companies and banks are located.
The office is equipped with all the resources necessary to meet all the needs of the profession to a high level of quality.

All our technical staff have university education including BAs in Management, Economy, Auditing, and, in some cases, professionally related post-graduate degrees and have advanced training in preparation for statutory auditor (ROC).

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